Post Graduate Program in

Big Data Engineering

Online | 11 Months | ₹ 2,25,000

Become a Big Data Expert

  • Master understanding of Hadoop Ecosystem and MapReduce Framework to develop applications for processing large volumes data.
  • Build Batch Data processing pipelines using Hive, Sqoop, HBase, Spark and Oozie; Learn about Data Lakes & Warehouses
  • Develop Real Time Data Pipelines using Apache Storm and Spark
  • Deploy predictive models (Regression/Clustering/Classification) in Spark to analyse large volumes of data
  • Learn fundamentals of functional programming and Scala
  • Learn about deploying big data applications on Cloud


Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Post-Graduate Certificate from BITS Pilani

INR 2,25,000 (incl. all taxes)

11 months

Program Vitals

Program Duration

Time Commitment

8 hours/week

Program Fee

Course 6: Capstone Project

Learn about fundamentals of programming like OOPs, Data Structures, SQL and Algorithms; Design Distributed Algorithms using MapReduce

Course 2: Platforms for Big Data

Learn concepts of Hadoop and HDFS; Process data in a distributed environment; Learn technologies like HBase, Pig and Spark; Learn about storing data on cloud

Course 5: Big Data Analytics

Course 3: ETL & Batch Processing

Program Outline

Use Hive, Sqoop, HBase and Oozie to set up a Big Data Pipeline and perform an ETL operation on Structured and Unstructured data; Learn about Batch Processing on Cloud

Course 1: Data Structures & Algorithms 

Course 4: Engineering Advanced Big Data Systems

Use Apache Spark and Storm to build data pipelines for processing data in real time

Deploy Regression, Clustering and Classification algorithms in Spark MLLib to analyze data; Develop visualizations for different business requirements

Apply course lessons in a real life project by ingesting, processing and analyzing data on a big data platform in Cloud.

Current Professionals in the field of Big Data

Software Developers and Engineers in IT Companies or related sector 

Who is this program for?

Tech Leads and Project Managers in IT Companies or related sector

Any Professionals interested in Big Data with a background in Computer Science or related fields

Ready to be a Big Data Expert?

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