Earn a reputed certification from IIIT-Bangalore

Industry Ready Curriculum

College Placement Support

Access to premium companies

6 Industry relevant projects


INR  35,000 (Excl of Taxes)

5 months


Language Access

Online learning + Offline placement


Get a Certificate in Foundations of Data Science

Kick start your career in data science by mastering concepts of Data Management, Statistics and Machine Learning  from most influential Data Science leaders and academicians of India.


Learn. Experience. Master.

Placement support

Prepare for your college placements through our placement training and also get the opportunity to attend interviews with 50+ premium companies outside of your college placement

Industry Projects

Complete 6 industry-relevant projects with guidance from experts and get 1:1 mentorship with industry experts

Support & doubt clarification

Get your doubts clarified by experts and professors through the discussion forum. Your personal student mentor will help you plan studies and track your progress

Learn by Application

Learn from our comprehensive collection of case-studies, hand-picked by industry experts, to give you an in-depth understanding of how data science moves industries like telecom, transportation, e-commerce & also receive project mentorship from them.


Gramener - Lending Club Analysis

Perform exploratory and confirmatory analysis to identify factors that enhance customer's chances of defaulting on a loan.


Geelay Auto - Price Prediction

Build a model to understand the factors car prices vary on and help a Chinese company enter the US car market. 


HR Analysis - Case study

Use your skills to predict which employee is going to leave the company in the near future and take preventive actions to reduce attrition.


Uber Demand Supply Gap

Use analytics to identify why Uber sometimes faces a supply-demand gap challenge and what can be done to overcome it. 


Box Office Analysis

Use data analysis and manipulation skills in R to find the most profitable movie and most dependable actor. 


Spark Funds Investment

Spark Funds is looking for new avenues to invest its surplus funds in the startup ecosystem. Help the fund identify the geographies and sector for its investment to maximize the return.

Program Vitals

Course Duration

Mar'18 - Jul'18

5 Months

Time Commitment

10 hours

per week

Program Fee

Rs 35,000

(Excl. Taxes)

Learn from the best Data Science Leaders

This program has been designed in collaboration with some of the most influential analytics leader and top academician in data science.

Program Syllabus

3 Courses | 5 Months

Introduction to Data Management

  • Languages of Data Science

               Learn tools and Languages used for data analysis - R,SQL, Python and Tableau. These modules are also a part of the preparatory course.

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP

    Equip yourself with knowledge to extract and pre-process data before analysis
  • Case study - Investments

               Implement your learning to find sectors in which different companies ought to invest.

  • Data Preparation

               Learn how to prepare data before you analyse them.

  • Case Study - Uber Supply Demand Gap      
    Apply statistics and understand how you can solve the supply-demand gap of Uber cabs

Statistics and EDA

  • Data Visualization

               Make your data visual using R and  tools like Tableau

  • Descriptive Statistics
    Summarize and describe data sets using measures such as Central tendency and variability
  • Inferential Statistics

               Learn Probability, Central Limit theorem and much more to draw inferences.

  • Exploratory Data analytics               
    Derive initial insights from the data using R and other visualization tools.
  • Hypothesis Testing             
    Understand how to formulate and test hypotheses to solve various business problems

Introduction to Machine Learning

  •  Liner Regression

               Learn to implement Liner Regression and predict continuous data values

  • Classification
    Understand and implement algorithms like K-NN*, Naive Bayes and Logistic Regression
  • Clustering

               Learn how to create segments based on similarities using K-Means and Hierarchical clustering

  • Case study - HR Analysis

              Predict which employee is going to leave the company in the near future and take preventive actions to reduce attrition.

Become a Data Scientist