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PG Diploma in Software Development

Specialise in Full-stack development

Online11 months Rs. 2,25,000 (Incl. Taxes)

PG Diploma from IIIT-Bangalore

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma certificate from IIIT-B.

Why Full-Stack

A full stack developer is capable of creating a functional software product on their own, working on both back-end & front-end. They are proficient in various software development aspects like Agile development and DevOps as well. This positions full stack developer as one of the most sought after roles in the industry.

Lucrative job opportunities

"Full-stack developer" was rated the No.1 job by jobsite Indeed.com. Their demand in India is growing rapidly and their pay-packages are 40-70% higher than normal developers

Opportunity to create cutting-edge products

Being a full-stack developer, lets you be a part of multi-functional high-performance teams in top tech companies and contributing to high quality projects


IIIT-Bangalore has been consistently ranked amongst the top post-graduate colleges in the country since its inception in 1999. As an independent institution and a deemed university, IIIT-B collaborates with the IT industry, and eminent industry leaders to offer students the best possible educational experience. Graduates of the institute are well received by the industry and have been placed with some of the leading companies in the field.

Prof. S Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-Bangalore
"This comprehensive program will help equip learners with the skills needed to build a successful career as a developer in the tech industry"

Prof. S Sadagopan



Learn from best in academia and industry

This program has been designed and shall be taught by some of the leading professors from IIIT-B

Prof. Srikanth, Professor, iiit-b

Dr. T K Srikanth


Cheng Nan Lee

Cheng-Han Lee

Program Manager, Ex-Microsoft

Prof. Dinesha, Professor, iiit-b

Prof. K V Dinesha


Shakun Gupta

Shakun Gupta

Senior Big Data Engineer, Founder and CTO of Slassy

Prof. Tricha, Associate Professor, iiit-b

Prof. Tricha Anjali

Associate Professor

Ankit Maheshwari, Tech Lead, Impact Run, Ex-Housing

Ankit Maheshwari

Tech Lead, Impact Run, Ex-Housing

Prof. Meenakshi, Associate Professor, iiit-b

Prof. S K Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor

Anurag Dwivedi, Global Account Director, BMC

Anurag Dwivedi

Global Account Director

Prof. Meenakshi, Associate Professor, iiit-b

Prof. M D'Souza

Associate Professor

Prof Muralidhara, Associate Professor, iiit-b

Prof. V N Muralidhara

Associate Professor

Program Syllabus

Duration : 3 weeks

We have built this pre-course for people who don’t have prior programming/ coding experience. In 3 weeks, you will be given a strong foundation in order to prepare for the intensive learning experience of the program. We strong encourage learners to take this up if they don’t have a background in computer science.

Topics Covered:

  • Computational Thinking
  • Programming foundations in Java (loops, functions and variables)

Duration : 12 weeks

Professional full-stack developers use these practical concepts every-day to write high-quality code. Mastery of these concepts will help you crack job-interviews at tech companies and make you stand-out among other developers. Not only that, you will stay forever in demand, as you can easily pick up new languages, libraries and frameworks.

Topics Covered:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Algorithms - Recursion, Big-O, Divide and Conquer, Greedy Algorithm and Dynamic Programming
  • Data Structures - Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks & Queues, Trees & Binary Search Trees, Heaps, Hash Tables, Graphs

Tools & Languages Used:

  • Java
  • IntelliJ

Duration : 5 weeks

Build complex server-side applications, and write advanced backend logic. Write your own SQL queries, learn how to use the popular PostgreSQL database, and master how to integrate databases into your backend applications

Go beyond programming to master software engineering skills like refactoring, test-driven development to be an all-round developer. Learn Agile Methodology - the cornerstone for software development in the digital age.

Topics Covered:

  • MVC Architecture using Spring
  • Databases and ORM using PostgreSQL and Hibernate
  • Agile Methodology
  • Version control with Git
  • Refactoring and Test-Driven Development

Tools & Languages Used:

  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git

Duration : 5 weeks

Build high-performing, scalable applications and master the use of APIs to take your application to millions of users. You will continue to learn best practices for working in high-performance software engineering teams.

Topics Covered:

  • Distributed System Design and Architecture
  • RESTful API using Spring Framework
  • UML and UML diagrams
  • Canonical Software Design Patterns
  • Code reviews and bug tracking best practices

Tools & Languages Used:

  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git

Duration : 6 weeks

User expectations have sky-rocketed in recent years, and software developers are increasingly expected to create sophisticated front-end user interfaces for their software applications. Learn how to build rich, interactive front-end for your software applications that consumers want to use.

Additionally, learn how to gather user-requirements, build prototypes, architect software, plan and manage end-to-end software development projects.

Topics Covered:

  • UX and Prototyping
  • Frontend development with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Requirement and Project Planning

Tools & Languages Used:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Duration : 5 weeks

Take your frontend development skills to the next level by learning latest frontend tools and frameworks - Javascript ES6, ReactJS, Sass, Webpack and Babel

Master DevOps principles to automate your software deployment to the Cloud

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Javascript
  • Modern Javascript tools such as NPM, WebPack, and Babel
  • Javascript ES6
  • Core React JS concepts such as jsx, props, state, and components
  • DevOps

Tools & Languages Used:

  • Javascript, Javascript ES6, ReactJS, Webpack, Babel, Jenkins, Sass, Jest

Duration : 5 weeks

Mobile applications is fast-becoming a de-facto choice for companies to reach their consumers.

React Native is a powerful new framework that allows your to build mobile applications that can simultaneous run on both iOS and Android devices. Learn how to build mobile applications using this unique framework that is powering popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb.

Topics Covered:

  • React Native library
  • Mobile animations
  • Data management using Redux and LocalStorage
  • Interacting with external APIs using Fetch
  • Mobile navigation and multi-page routing

Tools & Languages Used:

  • Javascript, React Native, Redux

Duration : 6 weeks

After months of lectures and hands-on practice on latest tools, it is time to create a fully functional software product on your own! You will work on an industry relevant project creating a ready-to-use software product with a robust backend and an engaging user interface. The projects have been decided to ensure that you get to apply all the lessons you have covered during the 11-month program.

Note: IIIT-B and UpGrad reserve the right to edit/alter the curriculum at a later date based on academic requirement and industry feedback

Program Vitals

Course Duration

Dec'17 - Nov'18

Time Commitment

8-10 hoursper week

Program Fee

Rs. 2,25,000 (Incl. taxes) Flexible EMI Options available