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Learn directly from industry experts & IIIT-B professors

College Placement Support

Top tech companies as hiring partners

Develop mindset needed to excel as a developer


INR  35,000 (Excl. of Taxes)

5 months


Hands-on programming on latest software tools

Online learning + Offline placement


Get certified from IIIT-B in Software Development

Start your career in one of the most promising career as a  software product developer in top tech companies of the country!  


Learn. Experience. Master.

Placement support

Prepare for your college placements through our placement training and also get the opportunity to attend interviews with 50+ premium companies outside of your college placement

Industry Projects

Build 6 industry-relevant projects under guidance of senior developers from companies like Housing, Microsoft etc. 

Support & doubt clarification

Get your doubts clarified by experts and professors through the discussion forum. Your personal student mentor will help you plan studies and track your progress

Hands-on software projects

Learn software product development by gaining hands-on experience building software products from scratch.   You shall be mentored during the project by industry experts to help you with feedback and suggestions for building better software   


Build social Q&A platform like Quora

Build the backend for a social Q&A web-app like Quora. You will develop from scratch, interesting features like Users Q&A, News-Feed, Follow, Comment etc.


Create browsing history feature for a web browser

Leverage various data structures and algorithms to create the functionality of web history for a user. Include features like highlighting top visited website etc.


Creating a discussion forum

Leveraging the concepts of object-oriented programming create a framework for a discussion forum complete with log-in capabilities and posting content.


Build optimised playlist for DJs

Using dynamic programming, create a program to help DJs optimise the beats in their soundtrack to appeal to maximum set of users.  

Program Vitals

Course Duration

Mar'18 - Jul'18

5 Months

Time Commitment

10 hours

per week

Program Fee

Rs 35,000

Excl. of Taxes

Learn from best in academia and industry

This program has been designed and shall be taught by the industry experts and leading IIIT-B faculty.

Program Syllabus

5 Courses | 5 Months

Object Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • Fundamentals of Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Basics of Abstraction & Encapsulation


Data Structures

  • Introduction to Recursion and Recursive algorithms
  • Understanding Big O notation for space and time complexity 
  • Divide & Conquer Algorithms
  • Greedy Algorithms & Dynamic Programming
  • Building Arrays and Linked Lists
  • Introduction to Stack & Queues
  • Trees & Binary Search Trees
  • Heaps & Hash Tables
  • Graphs & Graph traversal algorithms

MVC & Database Architecture

  • Introduction of MVC Architecture
  • Functionalities of Java Spring framework
  • Building Database architecture using PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to ORMs using Hibernate

Software Design Patterns & Building APIs

  • Software Design Patterns
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Building scalable RESTful APIs
  • Leveraging Java Spring for API creation
  • Code Review & Debugging

Become a successful Software Developer