Start Your Globally Recognised Master's/MBA Degree at ₹ 10,000!

Hurry! Applications close on 31st May, 2020.

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Global MBA from Liverpool Business School

Programs you can choose from:

MBA (Global) from Deakin University

Master of Science in Data Science from Liverpool John Moores University

PG Diploma in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore

For the first time ever:

Start a degree worth INR 4.5 lakhs, at just INR 10,000. Pay the rest only if you are satisfied!

Get access to a unique learning experience comprising:

- Cutting-edge, best-in-class curriculum

- Rigorous Industry Coaching and Mentorship

- Live Lectures and Case Studies

Earn a globally recognised degree, offered by top 1% universities in

the world

PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI  from IIIT Bangalore

Master of Science in Machine Learning and AI from Liverpool John Moores University

Please note - Applications for Machine Learning programs valid till 25th May, 2020.

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₹ 72 LPA

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Get personalised career paths traced by experts to ascertain the best opportunities

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Q1 Can I really start a Global Degree at INR 10,000?

Yes, we are proud to launch a one-of-its-kind initiative which allows you to start your journey for a globally recognised degree 

Q2 How can I get myself enrolled in the program?

You need to get shortlisted in the program of your interest by completing the admissions process. After that you have to 1) pay INR 10,000 as the starting fee and 2) finish the documentation of your EMI towards the remaining fee.

Q3 Why do I need to complete the documentation for EMI at the beginning?

The EMI will not start still the 15th of June. As a condition to start the program you need to complete the documentation so that you don't face any hassle when you wish to continue. Think of this as you filling in your credit card details when you are starting your free online streaming service's subscription.

Q4 When will my EMI start when I apply for the loan?

 Your EMI will start in the first week of July, provided you have not dropped out of the program before 15th June 2020.

Q5 Is the INR 10,000 amount refundable if I choose not to go ahead with the program?

No, the INR 10,000 amount is not refundable. You will get an upGrad certification for the modules that you complete during your 15 days of the learning experience.

Q6 Till when can I drop out of the program?

You can drop out of the course anytime before 15th June 2020, no questions asked. Your loan application will be canceled and you will not be charged anything.

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